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J Balvin, 35

Colombian singer
Residing in: Medellin, Colombia

J Balvin, 35

Colombian singer
Residing in: Medellin, Colombia
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Being a high profile celebrity, their PR teams have incentives to increase their follower count and popularity. Was that the plan all this time? Judge for yourself:

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24 hr follower increase after claiming Coronavirus

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Full Celebrity Narrative

Following other celebrities modus operandi of simply uploading a video declaration claiming that they had Coronavirus providing no evidence, J Balvin surprised us on August 14 announcing that he in fact, had COVID-19.

Later, José posted a picture of himself looking pretty devastated resting on a doctor’s shoulder in a hazmat suit at his wabi-sabi style house in Colombia.

That is kind of the evidence we are looking for, but unfortunately he missed the actual health certificate.

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Last updated: September 04, 2020