Celebrity Corona Club

Celebrity Corona Club Manifesto

Collecting Celebrity Data

Our work is to collect data on “Celebrities with Coronavirus”, those who claimed to have “The Rona.”

Both high profile and D-list Celebrities realized very early on that claiming to have The Rona gets them attention, followers and ratings. Especially in lockdown, when Hollywood and the media is shutdown. 

For instance, we have witnessed an unprecedented publicity grab from celebrity hounds looking to increase their social media followers and produce daily content to their followers. From their mansion caves, these people will go to any lengths to grab the spotlight. 

The Rona Effect is a perfect opportunity for them to do that. Why? Because they can just say they have it and every brain-dead human on Earth just believes them, follows them and watches their daily content whilst on lockdown, like zombies.

Highjacking The Rona Narrative

Playing the victim, highjacking a solidarity narrative, and pumping out social media content on a daily basis while nations are in lockdown, gets celebrities with coronavirus more followers and ratings. 

However, for politicians it also changes national narratives. Instead of blaming leaders for their ineptitude in handling the Coronavirus outbreak, political leaders can just claim “The Rona” narrative and shield themselves from political blame and public attacks. While thousands of their population die. 

Similarly, there is a huge incentive for politicians to claim The Rona i.e. to consolidate power and stay in power. Is it used by Politicians as a diversion tactic?  

Celebrities With Coronavirus
At CCC, we are of course under no illusion that some well-known people have had The Rona and have succumbed to it genuinely, whilst having many other life-threatening illnesses – Old Age, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, various Cancers, etc. However, we also recognize that there is a massive incentive for publicity-hungry celebrities and narrative shaping politicians to claim they have The Rona and therefore question if they even had it at all.

For each Celebrity and Politician claiming to have The Rona that we are suspicious of, we have added statistics for their immediate bump in daily Social Media followers as a percentage.

We have also added their own narratives. You decide whether you believe them or not! However, we at The Celebrity Corona Club do not believe them. In other words, we think it’s a lie.

The team has also meticulously calculated a “Chance of Survival” for each celebrity, based on their age, gender, as well as country infection and case fatality rates. So, will they live or die based on actual data? We all know the answer.

Incentives for celebrities with coronavirus to fake it are too strong for them not to claim they had it.

Celebrities With Coronavirus

Whilst we the public are locked in our homes and tens of millions of people lose their jobs globally, are celebrities and politicians lying to us? Making the Economic lockdown worse due to their lies and their influence on the public’s consciousness?

If these celebrities with coronavirus and politicians are lying, then they need to be held accountable for their deplorable attitudes.

A call to action

Go question celebrities with coronavirus. Berate them on Social Media, ask them to prove that they had it. If they can’t offer you some sort of proof like an official medical diagnosis/certificate then they are faking it. 

A truly despicable act.

Go to our submit page and make a submission. Nominate a celebrity with coronavirus that you know it’s faking it. And if we can track their progress in the same format as the site, we will add them and document their miraculous recovery from The Rona, like the rest of these so called public figures. Enjoy!